This Marsh SAT account servicing site enables Marsh and its clients to share information, collaborate, and transact business online through a comprehensive set of features:

  • Automatic consolidations of various sources of information into one single platform. Easy functions to analyse data.
  • Allow carriers to get information about all client activities related to insurance whatever the place where these data are handled.
  • Interactive and easy to use functions to turn data into information.
  • Quickly create websites for the Clients to :
    • Share information (lists, documents, facts, etc. …): Policies, Coverages, Claims, Payments, PDF docs, MS Excel, MS Word, etc. …
    • Open on-line services (declarations, reports, alerts, analysis etc. …): Search, List, Filter, Average, Graphs, Min/Max, Segmentation, etc. …
  • Based on :
    • Existing back office information: Excel, Export from systems (Eurosys, Diva, Carrier, Client, etc. …)
    • Online interactive forms with validations and automatic actions (Calculations, formulas, Email, consolidations, etc.