Marsh Global Connect is an innovative multinational program management system, providing our clients with timely, accurate, and complete information about their international insurance programs, enabling better decision-making and program optimization.

It contains modules which enable the Marsh global service teams to create and share the following essential components of a well-structured global client relationship:

  • Client Information/ Profile - Ensures the Marsh network understands and delivers upon your risk management objectives and philosophy. Includes key information on your company, risk management philosophy, and servicing instructions.

  • Marsh Team Management - Builds and maintains your Marsh global service team, enabling easy identification of team members and communication among your team within Marsh Global Connect.

  • Online Network Instructions - Ensures policies are implemented and serviced according to your wishes, by advising the Marsh network of the key details of global program placement and servicing including policy issuance and invoicing.

  • Program and Policy Summaries - Enables you to proactively manage and optimize your multinational insurances, by providing a truly comprehensive view including global programs, their underlying policies, and stand-alone local policies.

  • Reporting/Dashboards - Helps identify opportunities to optimize program design through graphs and charts which visually present key information on policies and premiums by coverage, policy type, country, etc.